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How Do I Make an Appointment?

Email or call us at 631-743-0633, ext. 1. Leave a message including your name (first and last) and phone number.

Please indicate what type of furniture you need. See this guest furniture guide for what we offer.

ODE staff/volunteer will call you and assist you in finding an appointment time that works for you. 

Please use our guest checklist to make sure you are prepared for the day of your appointment. 

On the day of your appointment, please arrive at our warehouse with a vehicle suitable to transport your furniture home.

Our volunteers will guide you in selecting your furniture pieces. Please be on time for your appointment. 

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How to Get to the Open Door Exchange Warehouse

Our warehouse is located at 200 Wilson Street, Building G, Port Jefferson Station.


 To reach our warehouse, turn onto Wilson Street and pass Sunshine Laundromat and Xplore Fun Center. Drive into the parking lot for the Port Jefferson Business Center and continue around to the back side of the complex by passing Backstage Studio of Dance and Bond Audio. Our warehouse is a stand-alone building at the very back of the business center. 

If you are having trouble finding Open Door Exchange on the day of your appointment, please give us a call at 631-743-0633.

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