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Our Community Sponsors

Your support makes an impact!


None of the great work we do at Open Door Exchange would be possible without our supporters. Whether you're an organization, business, or individual, your help is crucial to our success. 

Support from our community has enabled us to continue growing Open Door Exchange and help more families in need. We hope to ensure that no family on Long Island is ever left without furniture. 

Thank you so much for continued support! 

Community Supporters


Cornucopia Natural Foods

Energy Fitness

Good Twin Confectionary

Hamlet Pet & Food Supply Store

Pedego Stony Brook

Stony Brook Chocolate 

Three Village Farmer's Market 

The Long Island Adventure Park

Individual Supporters

Alice Seal

Arlene Rogers

Art Billadello

Ashley McFaul-Erwin

Barbara Curtis

Bonnie Schlagel

Carol and Dick Russell

Carol Ullo 

Diane Melidosian

Erica McFaul-Erwin

Herta Wulff

Jane-Marie Wright

Janet Bellush

Jean Hrbek

Jeff Foster

Kathy Coen

Kathy Gray

Kenny Rogers

Michael Imperato

Mike Bicknell

Pam Crum

Patti Lane

Robynne Haliotis

Roxanne Kiefer

Sandra Bond

Sheila Towers

Sobel Family

SPC Founders Circle

SPC Peace & Justice


Susan Imperato

Susan Risoli

Tom Kavazanjian

Tom Lyon

Tom Schlagel

Joan Marino

Joanne Liff

Joellen McNamara

John Davis

Judi Culbertson

Kate Jones Calone

Kathleen and Michael Sheedy

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