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As the first furniture bank on Long Island, Open Door Exchange (ODE) connects donated furniture to individuals and families in need, in crisis, or in a life transition at no cost. We believe that furniture is necessary to building a safe and comfortable home for all. 


When our founder, Pastor, Kate Jones-Calone, visited a Maryland furniture bank in 2014, she was inspired by its impact on the local community. After returning home, Kate saw the need for a place like this on Long Island. So she gathered some friends around a kitchen table and got to work. 

Open Door Exchange was created in 2015 as an outreach mission of the Setauket Presbyterian Church. We have grown from a small storage locker of furniture and a handful of dedicated volunteers to a direct services organization with warehouse and a full-fledged volunteer crew.


We are so grateful to those who have dedicated their hard work and open hearts to make this dream a reality. 

How It Started
Who We Serve

Open Door Exchange is unique in its dedication to provide services to anyone who is in need of furniture. Whether that be a family experiencing financial hardship, a veteran transitioning out of homelessness, or a young mother in need of assistance, ODE welcomes everyone with open arms. 

Our clients are never required to prove their level of need before accessing services. We believe in maintaining dignity and respect throughout the furniture selection process. 

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