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For your appointment, be prepared with:

For your first appointment, you do not need a vehicle to transport your furniture. You can take a look around and tag your items. Tagged items are held for up to one week. 

If you are coming back to pick up your furniture, you must have a vehicle ready to transport your items home.


Know before you go! Make sure you have directions to Open Door Exchange. 

Click here for a more detailed map of how to find us!


Make sure to bring measurements for your living space so you can find furniture that fits.  

We have measuring tape at our warehouse if needed.

*** No additional social service paperwork or proof of income needed ***


Furniture can be heavy!


Make sure you have friends or family at home that can help unload your items.  

ODE Directions 1
How to Get to Open Door Exchange

Our warehouse is located at 200 Wilson Street, Building G, Port Jefferson Station.


 To reach our warehouse, drive into the parking lot for the Port Jefferson Business Center and continue around to the back side of the complex by passing Backstage Studio of Dance and Bond Audio. Our warehouse is a stand-alone building at the very back of the business center. 

If you are having trouble finding Open Door Exchange on the day of your appointment, please give us a call at 631-751-7308. 

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